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Active Life; Fitness For Your Life

An active life is a healthier life, that can be lived more fully, with confidence, and a stronger mind and body to grow with the chances life throws your way.

Your life is just so much better when your body is active. Spend some time with us here, and we'll share fitness tips, training advice, tasty healthy recipes and more to help you live a healthy active life.

Kettlebell Legs Workout

Kettlebell Legs Workout Building Functional PerformanceCompleting this kettlebell legs workout provides many benefits such as mobility, increased stability and strength.  Also, training with kettlebells strengthens the joints in an amazing way, due to the increased engagement required from them to have a proper form and posture when performing these exercises.The American [...]

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Lean Body Mass Calculator

It’s important to know how to use a lean body mass calculator, and body fat calculator to work out your lean body tissue and fat levels.  You can then continue to track them to ensure that you are losing fat, and not lean body mass, when following a diet and training program.If you are losing lean body mass, and not fat, then you will end up with the dreaded skinny fat b [...]

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Female Muscle Growth: Best Tips for a Lean, Athletic Body

Female Muscle Growth: How to get a lean athletic body There has always been differing opinions about female muscle growth. But the bottom line is, women are realising in ever increasing numbers, that it is possible, and that a strong athletic appearance is sexy and healthy.You may have different reasons for wanting to build muscle. In my experience, most women have more th [...]

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Fitness Goals for Women

Fitness Goals for Women Who Want ResultsWhy fitness goals for women? Well, it’s so easy to forget that like anything else worth achieving in life, great fitness results need a plan. Random workouts or fitness classes just won’t cut it, if you’re chasing significant improvement.Exercise helps to deal with hormonal mood swings, improves sleep, it's vital for brain health &a [...]

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Home Workout Plan For Women

Home workout plan for womenYou might think that following a home workout plan for women won't achieve as good a body as you would build if your workouts were gym based exercises. You'd be wrong!A workout plan which allows you to create a variety of workouts will keep your body challenged, so whether you want to build muscle, increase strength, create weight loss or practically [...]

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Losing Weight Without Cardio

Losing weight without cardio, because you should enjoy your weight loss journeyIf the thought of the hours you might need to spend running, biking, or puffing your way through endless sessions on the elliptical machine to lose weight are enough to put you off even getting started, then don’t despair, because losing weight without cardio is totally doable.There is a stereotype [...]

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6 Worst Glute Training Mistakes Exposed

Glute training mistakes result in disappointing flat bums!Why should something like what are the worst glute exercises be on your mind?Sexy, curvy behinds are in, no-one wants a boring flat bum anymore, and the internet is packed with exercises supposedly to help you get those gorgeous glutes.However, not all of these exercises are as great as they may seem.Some glute training [...]

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Postpartum Fitness: What You Should Know

Pregnancy can be a wonderful or wretched time for different women.Likewise, postpartum fitness can be easier for some than it is for others.Before you begin your postpartum workout regimen, there are some important things you should know. We will cover these, as well as the differences between exercising before and after baby, and bust some myths about postpartum fitness.What y [...]

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31 Easy Clean Eating Recipes

To help you plan a months worth of healthy meals, all with simple preparation, and ease of cooking in mind, I've created this list of thirty-one easy clean eating recipes to get you started.  With these easy healthy recipes, you can mix the meals around and always have something new and delicious to try on every day of the month.These are some of my favourite healthy recip [...]

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Lower Ab Workouts For Women

​Lower ab workouts for women, to flatten and tone your belly.If you are looking for the honest truth about lower ab workouts for women, keep reading.  If you just want a quick and easy fix for a flabby belly, resulting from a soft and undisciplined lifestyle which you are not prepared to change, you'll hate this, so don't bother. Great! You're still reading.​ Hav [...]

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Leg Workouts For Women – 20 Killer Leg Workouts

Leg Workouts For Women; Will Make You Fitter, Healthier And StrongerLeg workouts for women embraces the new intelligent research about strength training for women, because it simply works!I think you'll agree with me, you yearn for killer legs;I know the feeling.  It's part of the daily struggle!But just keep reading, and I'll show you some of the best leg workouts that wi [...]

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One Rep Max Calculator

One Rep Max Calculator - Measure Your ProgressTo prepare accurate strength training programs, you need to measure your current strength. Use this simple one rep max calculator to estimate your current strength.Just do the following; complete a set to absolute failure, enter the weight lifted and click calculateFind the number of reps you completed in the Reps columnTh [...]

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