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Activewear giveaway contests are easy to enter and a great fun way that you could get your hands on some quality free gym wear. If we don't have a current competition running, be sure to follow us on social media or check back here so you don't miss out on the next chance to win.

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Congratulations to Lesley Olariu of Glenwood Qld, who's entry has been chosen as our latest winner. Lesley says she loves active wear because; 

Active wear's for everyone
Whatever age or size
Beginners, regulars or pro
For anyone who has a go
For comfort and style
Sara Crave goes the extra mile!

Congratulations for Anna Nicolas of Grays Point NSW, who's entry has been chosen as our latest winner. Anna says she loves active wear because; 

Yearning looks travelling up and down,

Feeling comparable to a queen wearing a crown,

Tights and cute "t" shouts my name,

5 years before my prebaby body I did reclaim!

Can't wait? Here's a few great buys you can grab right now;

gym wear

Black 3/4 Leggings (Save $30)

singlet top

Crop Top (free shipping *see terms)

singlet top

Mesh Singlet Top (Limited Edition Prints)

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