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One Rep Max Calculator - Measure Your Progress

To prepare accurate strength training programs, you need to measure your current strength. 

Use this simple one rep max calculator to estimate your current strength.

Just do the following; 

  • complete a set to absolute failure, enter the weight lifted and click calculate
  • Find the number of reps you completed in the Reps column
  • The figure in the One-RM column is your estimated one rep max for this exercise
  • The figure in the Percentage column is the % of your one rep max that the weight you used for your set equals.

Push Your Max!

**Before completing any exercise activity, you should check any health concerns with an independent medical expert, and obtain their approval.

Reps Percentage One-RM

This is an estimate, as your true one rep max could be slightly higher or lower. (We hope it's higher) 

Just as if you worked your way up to an actual one rep maximum lift, depending on how you're feeling, and performing, on the day, you may be physically capable of achieving a higher weight, with optimal mental and physical performance.  With using this method of completing a set to absolute failure, your calculated results can vary in accuracy depending on how hard you push yourself to achieve actual absolute failure

If you stop your set, just because you started feeling tired, or it was getting a bit hard, you've done 12 reps and you usually only do sets of 10 so you feel that's enough etc, then you have not pushed yourself to achieve an accurate measure of your current strength. 

‚ÄčAbsolute failure means just that. You keep completing reps, until it becomes physically impossible for you to complete another full repetition. 

Using this one rep max calculator is a safer way for many people to arrive at a measure of their current maximum strength, than if they actually attempt a true one rep maximum lift, which obviously places maximum strain on your body to achieve the same result. 

Using One Rep Max Strength Test in Effective Strength Programming

Of course you can use this calculator to establish your one rep max for any lifting exercise, but whole body movements such as the following exercises are most useful in designing proper strength training programs, and measuring strength gains. 



Bench Press;

one rep max calculator bench press

As you progress with your strength training, you should always be aiming for progressive overload, so that your body will continue to adapt to the new conditions it needs to deal with. 

If you're interested in finding out more about effective strength training, you should check out my blog on progressive overload. It's one of the best things you can do to get impressive results.

Your body is an amazing gift, that will adapt and improve, if you continue to challenge it. So always aim for progress over perfection, and your body will reward you.

I hope that you find this calculator a useful tool, that will help you with your training.  Let me know in the comments below, if you're achieving new 1-RM's!

Ana Maria

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