What do You Really Know About Fitness and Nutrition?

fitness and nutrition quiz

Fitness and nutrition are topics that create so many myths and misinformation.

Everyone seems to have an idea that is the latest and greatest way to lose weight, build muscle and generally turn yourself into an amazonian woman. 

But do you really even have a basic knowledge of fitness and nutrition? 

Take this quick ten question quiz and find out how your knowledge rates.

You might be surprised!

If you passed this test, you should find out what your food personality is as well. 

Click the image below and learn what it is;

fruit basket

Once you're finished here check out these super easy clean eating recipes, that you can mix and match to serve your food personality.

Ana Maria

As a certified strength coach and nutritionist, with a passion for living life and continual improvement, Ana Maria believes that every woman should bring out her inner goddess. A healthy active lifestyle, commitment to training and good nutrition are the keys. As the creator of Sara Crave, Ana Maria shares her passions for fitness, fun and fashion with you.

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