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Healthy Dessert Recipes For 2018 That won't Ruin Your Resolutions!

Good for you .... You made your health and weight loss resolutions for 2018, and remembered to include healthy dessert recipes? 

That's a really smart choice!

At this time every year, so many people try to follow a clean eating diet and fail, because it ends up being too boring, and not giving their taste buds enough treats to keep life interesting. 

That's a real shame. 

There are so many healthy options which you can include in a balanced clean eating diet, that will satisfy your cravings for something sweet, and won't affect your waist line. 

Following are 31 of the best healthy dessert recipes that you can follow in 2018.  yes, that's a new recipe for every day of the month.

Click on each healthy dessert recipes title for the full recipe.

healthy dessert recipes

With just 23 calories, no sugar, melted chocolate or heavy cream involved, you wouldn't think this would be such a tasty treat.  

Just trust me, it is!

Only four ingredients needed to make this oh so simple recipe.  It's easy to make, and a great guilt free healthy treat. 

If you take a look at Amy's blog while you're there, you'll see that she's a real chocolate lover, and has some great recipes for tasty chocolate treats, that are healthy as well. So, I'm a fan!

healthy dessert recipes - oatmeal cups

At just 15 minutes baking time, and only a couple of minutes prep time, this healthy dessert recipe won't keep you waiting. 

It's a great treat to cook, because you can really add whatever you would like as a topping on the oatmeal, so you can add your favourite fruits or other flavorsome treat, to add some variety.  

breakfast desserts

Some countries actually have a second breakfast tradition, which I think is really cool. 

Even if you only have one breakfast, you should make sure that it gets your day started well.  

Ensuring that there is a good serving of protein included, will keep you feeling full, satisfied and with good energy for longer.  

This recipe ticks all those boxes, with a good dose of protein in the yogurt (I use high protein yogurt) and healthy grains which add fibre to your diet and help with good digestion. 

healthy dessert recipes -chocolate pancakes

Packed with 18 grams of protein and a good dose of fibre in every serving this is one satisfying healthy treat. 

Sugar free, gluten free, keeps you guilt free!

Just make sure you don't top them with too much cream if that's what your taste buds are telling you to do.  These are full of flavour already, and are great on their own. 

Healthy dessert recipes - Banana Cake Recipe

Bananas are a great food if you are into fitness, as they help recover electrolytes, and prevent cramps, and are a source of long lasting energy.

So baking a cake that contains a few bananas is a great idea for a healthy treat.  

Bake a good size cake, as it keeps for a while, and is a handy treat to have on hand.

healthy dessert recipes - baked apples

This is such a simple healthy recipe, with just seven minutes of prep, and 20 to 30 minutes cooking. 

I just love the taste of cinnamon with the cooked apples, it's got a bit of zest with the lovely smooth apple texture. 

I like to eat these hot or cold.

healthy dessert recipes

Another recipe with apples, just has to be healthy. Remember the saying? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 

Well this simple recipe gives you a healthy treat that is super tasty as well. 

healthy dessert recipes - blueberry

With 18.6 grams of protein per serving, this healthy dessert recipe is a great choice to keep you feeling satisfied for longer. 

When I tried this recipe, I added custard on top with some chopped bananas and it was even more filling and gave me a great energy boost. 

Try it with your favourite added topping as well. 

healthy dessert recipes - fried pie rolls

My husband loves baked apple pie, and I was worried that this recipe from eating well just wouldn't pass muster with him. 

It was actually a great hit. The wanton pastry just changes the taste experience, and compliments that apples so well. 

These are great eaten on their own, but adding some healthy yogurt is yummy as well.

healthy dessert recipes - banana split

With 23 grams of protein and some great long lasting energy from the bananas this healthy treat is sure to satisfy both your appetite and taste buds.

I actually swapped the ricotta cheese out with high protein yogurt as a healthy option, that actually increases the protein content as well. 

healthy dessert recipes - protein pudding

This is another option for a breakfast dessert, to get your day started the right way. 

In fact recent studies have shown that eating breakfast desserts can be good for weight loss.  See the scientific study here.

And for those people who are including an extra protein supplement in their diet, this is a great way to include it as part of a meal. 

You can top this with any chopped fruits that you like.  I like to have it with chopped strawberries or whole blueberries. 

healthy dessert recipes - vegan peanut butter fudge

Such a simple recipe with only two ingredients. 

As someone who loves peanut butter, now that I've tasted this healthy treat, I can't believe that I never thought of making a fudge like this myself.  I'm so glad that I found Laura's recipe!

If you love dessert recipes then you should spend some time on her site, because she's like the queen of healthy desserts.

healthy dessert recipes - banana cheescake

This is another great recipe from Laura. Desserts are really her passion, and the recipes that she comes up with I think are just divine. 

Bananas are a great food for sustained energy, and I just love nuts, so given this recipe contains almonds, walnuts and cashews it's like it was just made for me:) 

healthy dessert recipes - mango rice

Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits, and rice is a great source of lean carbs, so as far as healthy dessert recipes go, this one definitely keeps me happy. 

I use brown rice, and I actually replace the brown cane sugar with a tablespoon of honey.  

I just love honey as a natural sweetener, which I believe contains so much goodness for our bodies. 

healthy dessert recipes - banana nut muffins

Annie's healthy desert recipes are a real treat. She seems able to find some of the yummiest, healthy fresh ingredients and combines them  to create recipes that will have your taste buds singing her praises too. 

I love the chopped walnuts, as I'm nuts about most nuts really:) 

These are great on their own, or you could try them with some healthy high protein yogurt, or protein ice cream for an extra good treat.

healthy dessert recipes - apples bars

I think that these are a great healthy dessert alternative to an apple pie.

These bars are really quick and easy to make, are super tasty either on their own, or sometimes I like to have them with a high protein yogurt or protein ice cream.

Just note that they should be eaten at home, as they get soft and so don't travel well. 

healthy dessert recipes - coconut puddng

Who doesn't love some‚Äč coconut?

Erin's recipe is super simple to make, with some really healthy ingredients and you can make a big enough serve to keep for several days.

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? 

Problem is that usually when looking for healthy dessert recipes, you won't find a chocolate cake recipe that's actually going to create a truly delicious taste experience for you. 

When I tried this recipe from Mary's blog, barefeet in the kitchen, it was just the best.  With a lovely smooth moist texture and fully flavoured, this is healthy, but real, chocolate cake, so try it and enjoy!

healthy dessert recipes - peanut butter ice cream

Ice cream has to be one of the all time favourite desserts.  Most people wouldn't think of it being healthy for you, but with some creative twists it can be. 

This recipe from cookery author Roz Purcell ticks lots of boxes.  With high protein bars, banana's for a long lasting energy boost, and honey for energy and a shot of pure goodness, this dessert is really tasty and the energy hit leaves you feeling great.

healthy dessert recipes - yogurt pie

This is probably one of the simplest healthy dessert recipes that you will ever find. 

It's just two ingredients mixed together and frozen.  I use a high protein vanilla yogurt, and add some cinnamon spice for some extra taste.

The original recipe doesn't include the pastry base shown, but I just use a simple biscuit base pastry in a pie dish for this. 

healthy dessert recipes - chocolate mint slice

Chocolate and mint together are an awesome combination, that's sure to give your taste buds a blast of satisfaction.

I found this recipe on the Sarah in shape blog, and couldn't wait to try it for myself. You will find on Sarah's blog that she has been through her own journey developing an interest in healthy but tasty desserts. I'm so glad that she came up with this one, because it's just so decadent, but doesn't ruin your diet.:)

healthy dessert recipes - workout brownies

If you like chocolate then you should do yourself a favour and check out more of the healthy dessert recipes from this cook.  Her blog is actually called "Chocolate covered Katie", and if that isn't enough to convince you that she truly is worth following, then what if I told you that she believes in eating dessert every day. 

That certainly convinced me to try some of her recipes!

This recipe for workout brownies sounded just right for me, and it has become one of my favourite recipes. It's great to keep some of these on hand, as they are a good protein snack if I'm feeling peckish. 

healthy dessert recipes

I really love nuts!

So finding this recipe from Lauren Kelly made my day. Lauren is a nutritionist so I knew I could trust her saying that this was a healthy recipe, and I knew that I'd love the taste with the pecan nuts included. 

I like to add about double the cinnamon, but that's only because I really like it's flavour, so I'm adding extra to the original recipe.

healthy dessert recipes - chocolate avocado pudding

I love avocados, and they contain healthy fats which are an important inclusion in your diet. 

I use honey in the recipe, which I also consider to be a healthy way to add sweetness. 

Surprisingly the end dessert doesn't taste like avocado, but still contains all the goodness.  Not that I'm against the taste of avocado's, it's just surprising given that's the main ingredient.

healthy dessert recipes

Chocolate and coconut are such a great combination of tastes, and they really make this dessert a divine healthy treat. 

This recipe contains a good serve of protein and fiber.  Fiber is really important for your digestion and gut health, so I'm loving the combination. 

I add a spoon of natural bush honey to add some extra sweetness to the recipe as well.

healthy dessert recipes - peanut butter cookies

I often get caught eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.  I know, that's not a real healthy snack, and I'm  being naughty. 

So, I was really happy to discover this recipe by Lee.  She's obviously into fitness as well, so knows what it feels like to have to fuel your body properly. 

Containing protein and an egg, these healthy treats will keep you feeling satisfied, with a good energy boost.

healthy dessert recipes - cookies

This recipe by Faith is truly one of my favourites, because you get to use up those over ripe bananas.  Let's face it, they are always getting over ripe. 

These are super tasty, and I love to have them as a small guilt free treat with my coffee.

protein yogurt ice cream

Ice cream is such a treat especially during summer, but it's usually a guilty treat.  

This protein yogurt ice cream recipe is completely guilt free.  With a healthy serve of protein for long lasting energy, you can eat it on it's own or with your favourite fruit. 

healthy dessert recipes - chocolate bars

Chocolate, coconut and peanut butter.  Can you think of any three treats better than these together? 

I love this recipe by Shelly of Two Healthy Kitchens. It's loaded with taste with a great texture, and is gluten free, which is great for me because gluten can really mess with my stomach.

healthy dessert recipes - almond bites

I love almonds and coconut, both of which give you a serve of healthy fats in your diet, so this recipe by Kelly of Life Made Sweeter is a great choice if you are looking for a healthy treat.

With no baking required, this is a super simple recipe, and you can make up a batch and keep them refrigerated to have one with a coffee whenever you feel like a quick treat.

healthy dessert recipes - fig cake

Another gluten free paleo recipe which is kind to my stomach, I just love these cakes. 

I came across this recipe on A Healthy Life For Me, and Amy has done wonders with this recipe, that's healthy but still has heaps of flavor and a great texture.  There's lots of great recipes on her site, so do yourself a favor and take a look around once you've read how to make this cake.

I like being able to make the several small cakes and keeping them to eat as snacks when my sweet tooth calls. 

There's your healthy dessert recipes to enjoy

I love trying new recipes, and I just love healthy food in general.  I'm so glad that I also love to workout.

A lot of the "diets" that people are following, thinking that they are doing the right thing in their quest for weight loss, or the perfect body, I think are just depriving them of both proper nutrition, and the joy of good eating. 

I hope that sharing these healthy dessert recipes with you, will help show that you can really enjoy eating tasty treats, while still maintaining great levels of fitness.  I know that I do:) 

These are really some of the easiest to make, but most enjoyable to eat recipes that I have tried, and I hope that you enjoy some of them too.  

If you've got any other healthy dessert recipes that are personal favourites, please share them with me in the comments below.  I'm always happy to try new sweet treats!

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